Sarah Kaye Rodden is a slow and obsessive looker. She is an arranger and re-arranger of forms, where repetition and subtle changes in tone and texture generate meaning. Forms become subjects and groups of forms become scenes, even as they continue to speak to one another in a language that belongs only to them. Kaye Rodden's meditative practice is an exercise in coolness and patience, waiting for pictorial resolution while relishing the state of 'nearness' and the way nearness looks and feels. The sleek transcendence of Jean Arp is as important to her as the life-work of Giorgio Morandi, where a ritualistic daily search is as beautiful, and fruitful, as an answer.

Kaye Rodden learned to draw from Royal Academy professor Saied Dai and studied Fine Art at Newcastle University,during which time she met Anthony Caro in his studio. Caro proved to be a profound influence, inspiring with his quiet manner and intuitive approach to three-dimensional form. She explored 3D design in a larger and more conceptual way while working for important creatives including Thomas Heatherwick, Ilse Crawford and Faye Toogood, spanning the disciplines of installations, public art, and interiors. She was Head of Concept Design at Faye Toogood from 2008-2012.